The Ginkgo tree is arguably the most sustainable plant in the history of the world, with a magnificent design that has survived over 200 million years of existence. The Ginkgo defines our ideal as a company: strong, deep-rooted, adaptable and tenacious. With that in mind, the idea for Ginkgo Residential as a brand was formed in 2010. Ginkgo Residential launched and began to target acquisition opportunities with external investors. We invest in a solid core culture and exceptional customer service, and we strive to be greener, practicing more environmentally sensitive operations with every step we take.


  • Property Management

    Organized regionally, Ginkgo employs innovative management techniques with a strong emphasis on customer experience and performance.

  • Renovations

    We focus on the sustainable preservation, restoration and renovation of existing multifamily communities to extend the lives of the physical property.

  • Acquisitions

    We primarily focus our investments on high-growth opportunities in core markets, where we can leverage our scale and expertise to promote positive returns for our investors.

  • Asset Management

    Our asset management team develops a business plan for each community with the goal of delivering value to our investors and exceeding expectations.


Our communities offer an exceptional living experience, with a home in which our residents can grow and a lifestyle that inspires them to thrive. With a variety of communities throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, Ginkgo Residential delivers a strong foundation across the Southeast.

  • Our Team

    We offer a full-service professional property management team. Our associates are passionate about providing excellent customer service and building lasting relationships with our residents.

  • Careers

    Live, Grow, & Thrive with us! Your career journey begins here! Join Ginkgo Residential, where passion meets opportunity. We’re continuously expanding and seeking passionate individuals to join our team. At Ginkgo, we believe that our commitment to residents starts with our commitment to associates.