When it comes to apartment living, there can occasionally be some limitations you won’t see when you own your own home, but there are many ways an apartment community can make their residents’ lives easier- and we happen to do it all

1. Improving Credit

Many credit reporting agencies are now using on-time rent payments as a potential factor in increasing credit scores. That, of course, depends on whether your community has reported your rent payments to major credit bureaus.

We currently use credit reporting software that reports to the three major bureaus, ensuring that there are no gaps in your credit reporting. This only applies to positive reporting, of course, and you won’t see your score go down for missed payments.

2. Going Paperless

There is nothing worse than missing a notice in the mail and having to deal with the consequences. It’s unfortunately the case that many apartment communities still transmit information on paper. This is not only bad for the environment, but it can create delays and make direct communication more difficult.

Online portals save residents the stress of checking the mail looking for correspondence from their apartment community, and it makes it easy to access all the information they need for apartment living. Ginkgo is committed to becoming 100% paperless at our properties to make it simple for residents to pay bills, submit service requests, and more.

3. Listening To Feedback

A community that ignores feedback from its residents will always struggle to improve, and making it as easy as possible to receive reviews and feedback helps community teams understand how they’re doing.

We at Ginkgo have the power to make apartment living the ideal experience for residents, but we know we can only do that by hearing suggestions from our residents themselves. That’s why we reach out to our residents with several options for submitting their feedback, and we always ask that our residents review every step of their process with our properties from move-in to move-out.

Apartment living can be the easiest experience of your life, but it takes good community management to make it happen. That’s why we prioritize our residents’ experience and make sure that we are always available, either in person or online, for anything that comes up.

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