From going paperless to installing solar panels, Ginkgo is committed to our green initiative and making every apartment community we manage an environmentally sustainable place. Here are just a few ways we’re making that a reality.

Going 100% Paperless

At almost all of our properties, we no longer use paper products for leasing and billing, to deliver communications, or to manage service requests. Not only is this simpler and more secure for our residents, but it saves a whole lot of trees! By limiting the energy needed to convert trees to paper, and the amount of paper sent to landfills, Ginkgo’s carbon footprint has never been smaller.


Many communities charge a flat rate for water costs monthly that do not change based on water usage in each unit. As part of our green initiative, we made this process more sustainable by submetering each unit at applicable properties, which lets us and the resident know how much water was used and how much to pay accordingly. In many cases, this ends up costing less than the flat rates charged previously, but it also keeps everyone accountable for water waste.

Solar Energy

To reduce energy waste in common areas at our properties, we have begun to implement solar panels. Not only is this more energy-conscious, but it produces a lot of financial savings. To go with this change, properties have also implemented low energy bulbs, improved air sealing and insulation, and motion sensors to trigger or time out lights in common areas.

Integrating Experts in the Field

We partner with Apple Blossom to create a sustainable environment on our properties. They are responsible for air seal and insulation that saves on HVAC usage, and they keep track of the solar panels we’ve already installed on several properties and ongoing projects to install future panels! We need to go to the experts to do the best possible job of going green!

Overall, Ginkgo is doing a whole lot to maintain environmentally friendly environments as part of our green initiative, and these are just a few of many ways we try to accomplish that goal!

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